Tithing Testimonial

When I first started on this path, I wanted to experiment with tithing. This is one of Yogananda’s teaching about the flow of money and how to keep that flow going. I was in need of learning that.   I was at the time saddled with the expense of a growing family, and my work income was less than I needed, but I also wanted to tithe at the same time. 

I was pledging around 5%, and it would have been difficult to increase the percentage to the 10% for a tithe, but I decided in spite of that fact, I would increase my pledging by 1%, which I did. At the end of that year my fortunes were just a little bit better so the next year I decided to try it again, and so increased to 6%.

My fortunes got even better so I kept going up 1% each year until now I tithe 10%, and some years I do more than that! My fortunes keep doing better and better.  In fact in 2015 I told Divine Mother that I can’t afford to be this fortunate as it is too much work, so please cut it back a bit!!!

– Bruce Davis