Ananda Washington Healing Prayer Network

If you or a loved one are in need of healing prayers, send your request to us online (click here).

I am submerged in eternal Light.  It permeates all the particles of my being.  I am living in that Light.  The Divine Spirit fills me within and without

Paramhansa Yogananada

Healing Prayer Network

Yogananda on the Healing Power of Prayer:

Christy Johnston - Ananda Washington Healing Prayer Coordinator
Christy Johnston

“It should be remembered that there is nothing greater in power than the Cosmic Consciousness or God. The Power of Cosmic Consciousness is greater than the power of your mind or the mind of others.”

“Man’s word is Spirit in man… Words that are saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith and intuition are just like highly explosive vibration bombs, which when let out, are sure to explode the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired.” (from Scientific Healing Affirmations, 1924 edition, by Swami Yogananda.)

The instrument is blessed by that which flows through it.”       -Paramhansa Yogananda

Ananda has established a Healing Prayer Ministry with a corps of more than 600 volunteers worldwide who pray for those in need.

Christy Johnston, coordinator, welcomes your participation in the Prayer Network.

Healing Prayer Circle dates in 2023: 

Healing Prayer Circles are held once a month after Sunday Service at 11:30a.  All are invited to attend them to pray for others or to ask for prayers:

  • February 5
  • March 5
  • (none in Apr)
  • (none in May)
  • June 4
  • (none in July)
  • August 6
  • Sept 3
  • Oct 1 
  • Nov 26
  • (none in Dec)

Requesting Prayers

The Ananda Healing Prayer Council offers daily healing prayers for others.

We honor these prayer requests in our group meditations and services, as well as in our individual meditation practice. We will keep your request on file for one month so feel free to resubmit them as often as you would like. We pray for the soul of departed loved ones for 1 week, that they may be uplifted in God’s joy.

If you, or a loved one, are in need of healing prayers, contact us online or by phone 425-806-3700.

About Healing Prayers

As part of his work to guide people in their spiritual practices, Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi, taught specific techniques for awakening healing energy within each individual. These techniques have been found to overcome physical, emotional, and spiritual difficulties including serious illnesses. He emphasized that we should use our God-given powers to heal ourselves and others, but not think of them as our own powers.

Yogananda’s healing techniques employ “…the scientific use of concentration and affirmations for healing inharmonies of body, mind and soul through reason, will, feeling and prayer.” He stated that darkness cannot remain where the Light is present. Attuning ourselves to God’s Light (that which is present in every atom of creation) through meditation, prayer, affirmation, and other means can drive away the darkness of disease in a person’s body, mind and soul.

Yogananda recommended that we approach God as His child, not as a beggar, and we should demand as our divine birthright that He listen to our prayers. We should keep on praying with unceasing devotion and faith until all our doubts fall away and we feel Divine Joy permeating our entire being. Then, we know that God is responding to our prayers and He will heal us according to divine will in the way that is needed for our highest good.

Healing prayers are sent to others by drawing on the unlimited divine energy available to all of us and projecting it to the person in need.

Healing at a Distance

Find a quiet place to pray.  Sit up straight and concentrate with eyes closed gazing at the spiritual eye (the point between the eyebrows).  At that point, visualize the person you are sending the healing energy to. Do not think of the condition or illness that is holding the person back but feel the perfect healing power and Light that is within all of us expanding within that person.

Gently tense and relax both arms. Feel the energy flowing down your arms into your hands.  Rub each forearm briskly.  Next, rub your palms (hands) together briskly until you can feel a magnetic charge. Now, hold your hands up above your head with palms facing out. Feel the Light blessing the person you are praying for in body, mind and soul. (You may chant “Aum” 3 times mentally or aloud.) Mentally hold the person’s name or image in your mind’s eye at the point between the eyebrows as you are chanting. See the Light being sent to them, surrounding them and filling them with its healing power. Always ask that God’s will be done and that this healing energy be used for this soul’s highest good.

Alternatively you may do this prayer:

“Divine Mother, Thou art omnipresent, Thou art in all Thy children. Thou art in [person’s name]. Manifest Thy healing presence in his/her/their body, mind and soul.”

Rub your hands briskly. Hold your hands up with palms facing out, and chant “Aum” 3 times.

Download these instructions as a pdf by clicking the link below.

Ananda Healing Prayers Flyer


“Within a short space of time, I felt the darkness lift from me and I now feel a sense of purpose and joy in my life which I have not felt for some time. Thank you for your prayers.”            -J.M.

“Your healing prayers have surrounded and protected me through surgery and intensive radiation for throat cancer.  I feel blessed to be the recipient of your prayers.  Thank you.”           -S.D.

Further Resources

Scientific Healing Affirmations by Paramhansa  Yogananda.  Discussion of the nature of healing with general and specialized affirmations.

Affirmations for Self-Healing by Swami Kriyananda. Inspirational prayers and affirmations devoted to a specific spiritual quality.

Whispers From Eternity by Paramhansa Yogananda. Collection of spiritualized prayers and poems with a detailed discussion on the art of prayer.

Metaphysical Meditations by Paramhansa Yogananda. Collection of short prayers and prayerful imagery.

Divine Will Healing by Mary Kretzman. Outlines the technique of healing prayers as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.