Would you prefer your wedding to be sanctified by the blessings of a sacred space where true joy and inner peace are tangibly felt? 

Would you like your wedding to reflect universal, nonsectarian spiritual ideals?

Then we think you will find the Ananda Meditation Temple to be a perfect setting for your wedding.

With its rich cobalt-blue domed roof and soaring inner sanctuary, it is a place that inspires beauty and the highest ideals of human love. The Temple and grounds exude a sense of peace and respect for all spiritual traditions. You need not be an Ananda member to have your wedding here. All are welcome. 

Ananda ministers are available to perform the Ananda wedding ceremony which reflects the essence of the spiritual teachings of East and West. The ceremony combines poetic verse with simple but dignified rituals (exchange of roses, ceremony of the elements, and a fire ceremony, for example).

The Ananda music, which is optional, embraces the couple and your families and friends in an aureole of true, divine love. You’ll find our ministers natural, respectful, and inclined to add a touch of gentle humor so all feel welcome and relaxed. In planning your wedding together, we will review the ceremony with you and tailor it to your needs.

Ananda wedding ceremony offers sacred music (live or recorded) designed for your ceremony. You can select from these pieces, or you may incorporate music of your own choosing.

Our staff wedding representative will work with you and your wedding coordinator on the details: the ceremony, music, flowers, decorations, reception, use of auxiliary spaces, and the rehearsal. Our staff member can also serve as a liaison with the Ananda minister.

Other Ceremonies

The ceremonies below are, like the wedding ceremony, nonsectarian, respectful, and positive in their tone, employing natural and recognizable elements as are found throughout the world’s spiritual traditions:

  • Funerals
  • Astral Ascension Ceremonies
  • Baptisms
  • House and office blessings

 For more information contact (425) 806-3700. We do not use a fixed fee schedule for ceremonies but will work with you to arrive at a mutually acceptable exchange.