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Summer Solstice Yoga Retreat, Saturday, June 18, 10:30 am – 1:30 pm, $25 (Circles of Giving apply)In person at Blue Lotus Temple & online.

Awakening the Light within

“The Light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehends it not!” Even in those moments where we suffer, does not your soul shine continuously, with eight rainbow-like luminous oscillating qualities: joy, love, calm, peace, power, wisdom, light, sound (divine vibration)?

These qualities exist deep within us. They are our true and unchanging reality. We need only learn and practice bringing them to the surface of our awareness, to the “light of day!” In short: these eight qualities of the soul represent the inner light that you can learn to tune into and shine upon the “darkness” of life’s challenges. The brighter your light, the more the darkness will magically vanish and … the great victory is yours. Jai! Victory!

The yoga postures in Ananda Yoga have exactly this purpose: to perceive, affirm, strengthen and express the luminous qualities of the soul, position by position. In the words of Swami Kriyananda: “Each position must be an affirmation of the divine inner Self and must be followed by a return to it”. That is why he describes yoga as a “sacred science”.

Inspired by the most luminous day of the year, the Summer solstice, In this Yoga Retreat we will focus on the quality of Light.

Are you ready?

We will begin with chanting and an introduction to our theme so that we can practice and experience the inner light through the sequence of the Ananda Yoga, pranayama and meditation routine. Alternative poses or modifications will be offered so that everyone can experience the power of the light of the Solstice!

Presented by Vahini Sleighter and Lynne Steele, Ananda yoga and meditation instructors.