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  • Does your company have a matching gift program?
  • Would you like to donate stock or another asset?
  • Would you like to include Ananda Washington in your will or learn more about planned giving?

Please contact us by email or call 425.806.3700 for any of these ideas.

Make a Monthly Donation

Make a One-Time Donation

If you are over 70 1/2 years of age and have an IRA account, did you know you can make monthly or periodic donations to Ananda tax-free? This means that the donation is sent DIRECTLY from your IRA to Ananda and DOESN’T count as income to you! (If you are being required to make payments to yourself for tax purposes you can even count these donations as part of your required distribution!)

This is also very beneficial if you are using the STANDARD DEDUCTION on your tax return and thus not receiving ANY tax benefit for your donations! These are called “Qualified Charitable Distributions” and your IRA custodian will know all about them. Please check with us or ask your IRA custodian representative.

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