Membership at Ananda

Membership at Ananda is informal. Membership is based on participation in classes, service, study, practice, and support.

Ananda Sangha (“Sangha” means “Fellowship”) in Bothell serves the greater Seattle metropolitan area and outlying areas of western Washington. 


Ananda has no formal membership except by individual participation. All are welcome to classes, group meditations and a wide range of social and spiritual events throughout the year. You may consider yourself a member if you feel in tune with the description of Ananda’s precepts and purpose written by Swami Kriyananda in the Way of the Sanghis.”

Notwithstanding a certain informality which reflects our community and family spirit, Ananda could not exist were it not for the lifelong and full-time commitment of individuals who serve and support this work. Their dedication can be reflected in various outward forms, such as:

1. Actively serving as staff or a volunteer at the temple, farm, or community

2. Supporting the work through regular pledges or tithes or special gifts.

3. Living in an Ananda Community or ashram.

4. Becoming part of the “lay order” known as the “Sadhaka Order.”

5. Becoming part of the worldwide “Sevaka Order” consisting of disciples who are dedicated to serving the work of Ananda wherever they are asked to serve.

For more information on these opportunities please speak with one of us on staff, call or write!

Note: The worldwide Nayaswami Order is open to all who feel in tune with its ideals. Members of that Order are not necessarily members of Ananda nor does membership in the Order confer any special role at Ananda. For more information on this Order see