Meditation reveals your inner wellspring of health, happiness, and creativity.

Learn to Meditate now! We offer meditation classes in-person and online with Zoom. Register online or call 425.806.3700.

We teach a simple yet universal technique: watching the breath. This includes a word formula and the class includes supportive practices like chanting, affirmation, visualization and a period of silence. We offer classes both in person and online. In addition to the core technique of watching the breath, our classes and programs may include supportive practices such as chakra meditations, alternate breathing, cooling pranayams, bandhas, and mudras.

Upcoming Meditation Classes!

During this 4 week Learn to Meditate series, you will learn the basics of meditation so you feel confident and ready to start your own practice.  Each class will offer topics of inspiration, simple and effective meditation techniques, a guided meditation, and time for questions and answers.

Ananda WA Meditation Group is ONLINE only on Zoom.

Upcoming Group and Guided Meditations!

Group and Guided Meditations are Free and all are Welcome! While group and guided meditations do not include instruction they are a wonderful way to connect to the Peace and Light within.

Looking for the next step in your meditation practice?

12 Week Course offered every September and January
The Path to Kriya Yoga is offered twice a year, following the Raja Yoga course.


Ask Meditation Teacher a Question:

Contact our meditation teachers with questions you have about meditation. If you’d like to direct the question to a specific teacher, please let us know their name.