Kriya Yoga is both a meditation technique and a way of life. The classes and training that prepare one to learn kriya normally take approximately seven months during which students meet weekly to meditate and study the precepts of yoga philosophy and the yogic lifestyle.

To comply with current Covid19 regulations, we have redesigned this course to be held as Zoom (online) course until such time as the assembly restrictions are lifted.

To learn kriya yoga, there is neither an organizational affiliation required nor a financial expectation (beyond the modest cost of the training classes). During the training period, however, and as an integral part of experiencing the kriya lifestyle, you will be invited to experience Ananda by attendance at services and activities and by participation in service projects. 

Beginning with Yogananda’s renowned life story, “Autobiography of a Yogi,” there are five books used for study during these six or seven months (normally). They are as follows: “The New Path,” “Essence of Self-Realization,” “Conversations with Yogananda,” and “Kriya Preparation Handbook.”

Kriya yoga consists not only of the technique which is called Kriya Yoga but four other core techniques that are part of the kriya meditation practices. One of these, the Hong Sau meditation technique, is taught in most of Ananda’s meditation classes. The other three are the 39 Energization Exercise system; Aum technique of meditation; and the Maha Mudra. These three are taught in the kriya training. In addition we will use certain raja yoga pranayams and techniques as part of the preparation and purification of the body, mind and nervous system that is necessary in order that kriya technique be optimally effective. 

To read more about Kriya Yoga, see Chapter 26, “Kriya Yoga,” from the “Autobiography of a Yogi” (or read the chapter online on the website) .  The seven month training period is divided into two segments. Return to the Kriya Yoga page for details and costs of the two segments of the kriya training program. 

Please note, however, that with few exceptions, you will need to take (at least) the raja segment of the Raja Yoga Intensive before taking the kriya training program. For more information on the Raja Yoga course (our most popular and in-depth yoga and meditation class) visit the Ananda Washington Raja Yoga page.  

A free introductory talk on Kriya Yoga is from time to time. Owing to the virus situation, none is offered at this time.