How Does This Work?

I began tithing years ago.  At first, while raising a family, it was a strange concept (“What, give money away?”), but it somehow made sense, so I began, cautiously tithing 2% of my income every month.

Some time went by, the roof didn’t cave in, and things actually seemed to work a bit better. So I increased the tithe to 5%.  Time went by, the roof didn’t cave in…and eventually I arrived at tithing 10%.

Tithing went on through good times and hard, and I actually began looking forward to tithing each month, of returning some of my earnings to God’s service, from which, I had gradually realized, it all came.

So, besides having 10% less to spend, what do I get out of it?

Well, there is the quiet appreciation of being able to give no matter how much or how little I think I have.  It’s a quiet background flow of gratitude that frees the heart from feeling constricted.

And there is an increasing appreciation of the endless ways that God (or Divine Mother, the Universe, or whatever term we use) finds to support us, Her children.

A recent example comes to mind:

Before signing up for Medicare, I’d had some medical tests.  My bill would be substantial.   After applying for Medicare, I learned to my consternation that not only was the application accepted (good!) but that it was retroactive to a couple months back, and that I owed premiums for those back months (less good!).

Wondering if there was a way to avoid paying for something I’d never benefit from, I spoke with Medicare, only to learn that yes, I could avoid paying for those unneeded months, but Medicare would have to cancel my acceptance and I could reapply later in the year.   And that I would have no healhcare coverage until the reapplication was accepted.

Going without health insurance is not the best idea these days, so I bit the bullet and paid the entire premium, retroactive months and all.

About a week ago, I received a statement from my healthcare provider saying that I owed a large amount for the testing earlier in the year.  Something about it prompted me to call the provider, and I learned, much to my surprise, that instead of owing a large amount, that the bill had been paid by Medicare as the services happened in those retroactive months!

Now does that have anything do with tithing?  With years of observing such “coincidences”, I have to suspect that tithing plays a part in them.

How does it work?  Perhaps through giving, we open our hearts.  And through our open hearts, Divine Mother can work through us to accomplish what She needs to do.

I’m still not clear on how it all works, but I am grateful!

– Rick Johnston