This puzzle shows how much has been raised. There are 48 total pieces in total. To date 38 pieces are in, and only 10 remain to reach the goal.
Each piece= $23,125 in donations. We are so close! 




GOAL:                                             $1,110,000

DONATIONS TO SUNDAY 10/25/20     $877,768                                                                                  —————

DONATIONS STILL NEEDED 10/25:       $232,232    

MATCH REMAINING $86,879 (any new donations received up to this amount will DOUBLE!)

Guest Speakers at the Event:

Swami Kriyananda, a brief excerpt of his talk at the Blue Lotus Temple dedication in 2007.
Jyotish & Devi Novak
Spiritual Directors of Ananda Worldwide
Dharmadevi and Narayan Romano, spiritual directors of Ananda Los Angeles
Dhyana Lynn, spiritual co-director of Ananda India
Murali Venkatrao, director of Institute of Living Yoga
Arjuna & Shivani Lucki. Arjuna is the contractor of the original Temple of Light in Assisi, Italy, and Shivani is one of their key teachers.
Bhima Breckenridge, manager of East West Bookshop
Narayani and Shurjo Jha, spiritual directors of Ananda Mumbai
Zach & Hailey Abbey, managers of Ananda Farm
Badri and Gita Matlock, Badri is assistant manager of Ananda Village, Gita led the fundraising for the Village Temple of Light
Hosted by Hriman and Padma McGilloway, spiritual directors of Ananda Washington

*At the temple, one experiences the tangible sense of community in a time of isolation

*Meet up with others who believe in the powerful goodness in humanity

*Through this effort we can support other spiritual seekers, now and into the future!

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Many hands make a miracle, dear friend. Thanking you in advance for your expansive support of Ananda’s work in Washington!


We received the offer of an additional MATCH DONATION of $216,000. This means that for the next $216,000 of donations received, your gift will automatically DOUBLE! How sweet is that?!

This means that after receiving the next $216,000 in donations, it is instantly doubled to $432,000 in donations…Thank you God.


Let us Pay Off the Remaining Sangha Loans so we can Serve Together “Free and Clear”

The time has come for us to rise to the opportunity to pay off the Sangha’s outstanding loans and mortgages. Covid-19 is changing the landscape of how we serve, dissolving or permanently altering or even creating entire new industries, and changing how we connect with one another. It is just the beginning of world-sweeping change. Uncertainties we surely face but the changes hold the potential to sweep away old patterns and usher in a new wave of inclusivity, harmony, and worldwide cooperation in the long run.

“For this we were born.” For this Paramhansa Yogananda came to the West at the behest of Jesus Christ and Babaji, armed with the practical training of his guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar and Lahiri Mahasaya. This is our opportunity to look ahead as the work of Ananda, the teachings of Self-realization and the growth of spiritual communities can be positioned to meet the needs of countless millions of souls to come.

The Blue Lotus Temple is a response to Yogananda’s counsel to “put your ideals in architecture.” More than that the Blue Lotus Temple is a sacred space which manifests and invites those seeking the sanctuary of inner peace, calmness, dignity and respect; where the harvest of the healing power of kriya yoga and God-communion can be known. 

How much do we need to raise?

It means paying off all the loans that encumber the Sangha:

$  865,000 loans/mortgage for the Temple and Yoga Hall property 

$  245,000 loans taken to support several  Sangha departments 
–  – – – – – – –
$1,110,000 Total amount to raise

Ultimately this campaign is squarely in Divine Mother’s hands. Please see the top of  this page for updates on donations received!

We can’t do this alone dear friend, but Divine Mother is always with us, and will surely get us there if we lean into it with Her as the driving Force! And we will persevere until we’re done!

Why this sense of urgency?

Our nation risks falling into chaos from extreme polarization (and economic collapse). The need for living and sharing yoga principles and practices has never been more compelling. They offer solace, inspiration, courage, and confidence because based on inner, soul consciousness; these are not provided by politics, economics, or even medicine. The latter can be helpful, yes, but the former is more immediate to our overall immediate and long-term well-being.

It is important to that this work of Yogananda be unencumbered by long-term debts, so that we can be free to serve people with full energy and creativity! As we move into an uncertain financial future, being free of the burden of past debts will enable us to work creatively with whatever that future brings.

Deferring loans or reducing payments is fine in the short term but increases the long-term cost of interest. An extreme example is interest-only loans which never get paid off.

Since the initial lockdown and stay-at-home orders, we have moved many programs online. Click here for a poster of just a sampling of these offerings!  But the learning curve is steep and the collapse of services (and loss) of streams of revenue combined with debt service, is impeding our flexibility. We did receive a small SBA loan (thankfully), but there is no going back to ‘things as they were before.’ We also obtained consent from member-lenders to suspend or reduce loan payments temporarily, but we must address our loan obligations soon. 

If we didn’t launch this campaign, we’d have to launch another pledge campaign to raise over $7,000/mo in pledges.As Yogananda said to Swamiji, “You have a great work to do.” Swamiji has extended Yogananda’s injunction to include each and every one us. That “great work” must happen through willing instruments. And since Swamiji’s passing, we can attest to the fact that we’ve only just begun. And Divine Mother has brought us an inspiring new generation of souls who are full of energy, ideas, and most importantly, attunement.

So our mantra is, “it’s all good!” The spiritual future of Ananda (and ultimately, the world) looks bright. Let us unite our energies so that we can serve so many more truth-seeking souls. Hence the theme of this campaign: Free and Clear! 

What are our assets?

Of course, Yogananda used to say: God is our only asset! And, God is our only security.

But for this organization:
The current, estimated market value of the Temple, Yoga Hall and land is  $5,500,000.

So you see that the remaining $ 529,744 to pay off loans represents less than 10% of our financial worth! Put another way, the Sangha’s equity is more than 90% of the property. 90% Equity is impressive by any standard. And you all helped to make that possible.

Many Hands Make a Miracle!

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