“I often chuckle when I reflect on how often I step outside and meet folks on the same wavelength.  Sometimes we explore topics I have been wondering about. Other times we generate projects within the community. Even private inner questions are answered when I stay alert.  I find myself smiling at the joy of co-creating with those attuned to these Divine teachings.”

“Living in the Ananda Community has been very uplifting. I really enjoy working together on projects, cooking, gardening, and sharing meals with the residents. The sense of connectedness has helped me expand my awareness and grow spiritually. It’s a wonderful community to be a part of.”

“Living in community has helped me be the best version of myself while remaining imperfectly human. By being witnessed every day, in all phases of myself, I relax into a place of divine friendship with my neighbors. I can be real, vulnerable, and truly joyful with a whole community of friends.”

“It’s a great feeling to know all my neighbors and share a commitment to a spiritual way of life.  I enjoy pitching in when I can for the good of the community.  I genuinely care about my neighbors and friends.  It’s so special that they are just a short walk away.”

“Living in community has greatly magnified opportunities to step up my understanding of mySelf , and given ready ways for me to activate my intentions.  It has made opportunities for service, meditation, yoga and classes so much more accessible, and made readily available inspiration and reminders.”

 It has helped me engage more consciously with others.”  

“Living here has helped clarify the meaning and purpose behind so many of the teachings we have been given, ie “say yes to life”. I feel like I have grown so much from living here and understand why service is such an important part of our path.”

Ananda residential community in Lynnwood, WA