Learn to Meditate! – We will present meditation classes online with Zoom. Go ahead and register and we’ll send you the link.

What is meditation?  Stillness of the body and mind, listening, calm concentration, a process for becoming a happier person!

Each of us has a wellspring of Peace, Joy and Calmness within us.  In meditation, we learn to sift through the debris of daily life and find windows into our true self,  lightening up our entire life all throughout the day.  Meditation is a tool that can help you find your true self.






Learn to Meditate Classes!



4 Week Series

Tuesday Mornings 10:30a – 12p
Wednesday Nights 7 – 8:30p

In this 4 week class (meeting once a week for 4 weeks) you can learn practical meditation techniques and we will help you get in the meditation habit.  This course is perfect for beginners or those with some experience wanting to establish a consistent practice.  $60 $25 Online Special

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Saturday Workshops 10a – 12:30p

In this 2.5 hour Saturday morning class you will learn and practice simple effective meditation techniques.  We will also introduce you to the Ananda Meditation App.  $25

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Looking for the next step in your meditation practice?

We offer the following programs:

Raja Yoga 12 Week Course 

Kriya Yoga Training


Other Resources:

Guided Meditations to Practice at Home

Download the Ananda Meditation App for iPhone and Android