Ananda Meditation


The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the Spirit lies its greatest joy”

Paramhansa Yogananda




Ananda Offers the Following Meditation Classes:

Learn to Meditate Series starts January 2020

Learn To Meditate Condensed Workshop

For those who would like to take their meditation practice even deeper we offer the following programs:

Raja Yoga 

Kriya Yoga Training

Other Resources:

Guided Meditations to Practice at Home

Meditation App for iPhone and Android


Meditation is natural and deeply rewarding. It offers a direct and intuitive experience of states of consciousness that are healing, energizing, peaceful and uplifting. In one to four weeks, you can learn practical techniques AND, if you choose, you can keep coming weekly or as often as you’d like and in this way be part of a meditation community of friends who support and share with one another. 

The benefits of meditation have been amply documented by medical testing.

General benefits can be classified as:

  • Physical: improves respiration, heart, circulation, vitality and well-being;
  • Mental: improves mindfulness, memory, clarity and concentration;
  • Emotional: greater calmness, insight, forgiveness, love, acceptance and joy;
  • Spiritual awakening: to the Life that dwells in you and in all life.

You do not need any particular belief system or affiliation to benefit from the techniques taught at Ananda. You can use the science of meditation to focus on just one or all of meditation’s benefits.