Part 1 – Chants

Gayatri and Maha Mantras

Hymn to Brahma

Twa meva mata

Words to Above Chants (Word doc)

From Joy I Came                                          Om namoh Shivaya                   I awake in Thy Light

Listen, Listen, Listen                                  Sri Ram, Jai Ram!                      I am the Bubble

Om namoh Bhagavate Vasudeva           Door of my Heart                       O God Beautiful

Thou art my Life                                           What is This Life                        Fill Me with the Sound of Aum


Part 2 – Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide

 Brief Tutorial for Sanskrit Pronunciation

Murali Venkatrao has created this 3-part guided audio tutorial with its helpful companion document. He is director of Ananda Yoga Teacher Training at the Ananda Temple in Bothell, WA.murali-venkatrao-med


Guided Audio Tutorials

Part 1: Keys to pronouncing transliterated Sanskrit

Part 2: Pronouncing common Yoga terms (7 chakras, limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, etc.)

 Part 3: Pronouncing asanas and pranayamas

 Guide to Sanskrit Pronunciation

Companion pdf for the Guided Audio Tutorials