23305 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98021, 425-806-3700
Open 11am – 3pm, Tuesday-Friday & Sunday mornings


A Place of Peace for All

The Blue Lotus Temple, Bothell, is a place of peace that is open to all.

It serves both the local Ananda membership and the larger circle of yoga and meditation students and sincere seekers from all walks of life.

Visitors come to the temple seeking inner guidance in prayer or meditation, or a respite from the demands of a busy world, or simply a quiet place to “be.” Some come to lend a helping hand, and others come to find community with like-minded friends who share high ideals and a practical commitment to expressing them.


Ananda offers group meditations throughout the week, and classes in meditation and yoga. Spiritual counseling services are available and there’s always one or more inspirational or practical “how-to-live” classes and workshops being held every month. When you visit, you’ll discover the bookstore and gift shop with items of beauty and inspiration.

Tuesday through Friday, for a half hour beginning at noon, locals and Ananda staff members come together for a mid-day meditation. All are welcome, no experience needed!


Ananda Meditation Temple – Our “Hope for a Better World”

The gentle blue-domed shape rises to a diaphanous lotus bud delicately outlined in a golden frame. Its beauty and shape invite one’s spirit to soar! Its message is crystal clear, and it’s for everyone: All who toil and trouble, lift up your eyes! Within you lies the joy you seek.In every age and in every culture throughout history, sacred shrines are treasured as places of spiritual revitalization: reminders of life’s higher purpose.

We pray that the Temple will be such a place of pilgrimage, where all those who seek this inner state will find a “hive,” where the “honey” of Divine realization can be “tasted” and shared.As a place of worship, Ananda Seattle’s Meditation Temple is dedicated to the Self-realization precepts and the Kriya-yoga masters whose life and teachings inspired it. As a sacred space, the Temple is dedicated to serve all who see in the diverse expressions and manifestations of form, the One, Infinite Spirit as Creator, Friend, Beloved, Father-Mother and the Self of all.