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Upcoming Yoga Classes

ANANDA YOGA is classic hatha yoga. We focus on calmness, joy, strength, and self-awareness.

All of our yoga classes are offered ONLINE (using Zoom).  And may of our classes are also additionally offered in person at our yoga studio in Bothell. If you plan to join in person please look carefully at the schedule for which classes indicate they are available in person. All of our classes are suitable for all levels including Beginners! 

If you are new to yoga with us your first class is FREE!

Yoga passes can be purchased here on this webpage or feel free to email us at or call 425.806.3700 for assistance. If you aren’t sure if you have a yoga pass already just come to class! The instructor can help after class.

Buy a Yoga Pass Here – Thank You!

Upcoming Teacher Trainings and Courses

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