Program Highlights

Our approach to teacher training is based on the realization that asanas (postures) are not just stretches; rather, they are a state of natural, intuitive poise that radiates outwards from within. We believe that yoga teachers should not only instruct on safety, alignment and muscular aspects of an asana, but also convey the deep inner awareness and uplifted states of consciousness that are the true goal of any sadhana (yogic discipline).

Our Yoga Teacher Training program is part of the larger curriculum of Ananda Institute of Living Yoga. The goal of the Institute is to expand the light of yoga so that yoga can be a way of life for anyone and everyone. AYTT thus draws upon a large faculty of very experienced teachers whose expertise spans the wide range of yoga related subjects: hatha yoga, raja yoga, yoga sutras, the Gita, Ayurveda, yogic diet, meditation, and many more. This enables us to offer an unusually comprehensive program that meets and far exceeds the requirements of the Yoga Alliance 200 Level certification.

More Information

The accompanying packet provides more information about Ananda Yoga, Ananda Institute of Living Yoga, and the teacher training program. If you have any questions, our teaching staff will be happy to speak with you. Call us at 425-806-3700 or e-mail us at

How to Apply

Simply fill out the application form below and submit. Then follow the link on this page to pay your deposit of $500 to hold your space. We will review your application, then contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss the program in more depth.

Blessings to you, Murali, Lynne, Christina, Nancy & Debra

Yoga Teacher Training – Level 1 Application

Yoga Teacher Training | Level 1 | Application

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After you submit your application you can save your spot by making a $500 deposit toward your tuition. Once you make a deposit all your drop in yoga classes are Free!