A Spiritual Practice for Me

I’ve been aware of the concept of tithing for most of my life. I thought that tithing meant giving some portion of whatever was left over at the end of the month, or feeling inspired by some plight that had just been brought to my attention and giving to that. I also thought that “tithing my energy” was an option instead of giving money. My tithing was random and usually had an “I should” attached to it.

While living in Los Angeles, I had a dear friend Dharmaraj who helped me to understand tithing. He said that tithing was a spiritual practice for me. I was intrigued with this idea, because I certainly wanted to do everything I could to advance spiritually. I realized then that I had always thought of tithing as being mostly about the receiver!

Dharmaraj also said that tithing consistently was very important. I pledged a set amount (a percentage of my income) to Divine Mother at that time and have given that amount consistently without wavering. Even when finances were tight, I stayed on track with my tithing pledge.

This spiritual practice of tithing has deepened my relationship with Divine Mother. I enjoy seeing how truly awesome she is at manifesting goodness in my life. I feel like I live in a “freedom flow” with Divine Mother guiding it all!

When it comes time to pay my tithing pledge each month I am thrilled to be able to humbly offer my tithe to Divine Mother. After all, everything I have is Divine Mother’s anyway; she lets me keep the rest!

My friend Dharmaraj suggested “tithing to what inspires you”. Since Master and his work thru Ananda is what is most inspirational to me, I naturally tithe to Ananda.

– Celri Bandi