Tithing as a Flow

Tithing is a surprisingly commonsense approach to dispelling fears around money or lack of money.  It allows us to tap into a consciousness of abundance and being in the current of currency.

Adding this practice has completely shifted my thinking about money and security and has been very freeing to me. The more I tune into this world and our experience here in terms of energy the more I feel expansive in my thinking and can really enjoy life.

In the past money was an area that I would tend to become very contracted in my thinking and I wanted to hold onto money. When I began to think of money more in terms of the energy current that it really is, I realized I don’t want to hold and store money. This actually blocks the energetic flow, thereby reducing income.

Rather I want to dive into the abundant currency of money and increase the flow of money in my life.

Now as I see money going out as an energetic exchange for all the things I value in my life, including food, shelter, travel etc.,  I am happy to include this great spiritual work in that exchange.  Ananda’s mission has everything to do with raising energy in our personal life and in the world.  This is one more way I can be a part of that change and be tapped into that great flow.

I feel truly at peace around money since making this change and I encourage anyone to try it out for themselves.

– Amy Morrison