Vahini Sleighter, Ananda Yoga teacher, E-RYT 500, YACEP, presents the following retreats, classes and workshops: 

Yoga Retreat

Saturday, July 8, 10am – 4pm. In person at Ananda Farm Camano Island

Yoga RETREAT for Self-Healing

Saturday, September 9, 11am – 4pm, $60. In person & online in Bothell.

The Healing Power of Mind Retreat

Saturday, October 28, 9a – 4p.

The quality of our life, health, happiness, our creative accomplishments all arise in our minds. As Yogananda says: “As soon as you understand that the mind controls everything, you will be completely free”.
Just as we have a daily food diet, we also have a mental diet that we are often not fully aware of! Thoughts and mental habits arise automatically, apparently by their own will. Even when we are not fully aware of them, they strongly affect our health, favoring or blocking the flow of healing cosmic energy which is always available to us but which we must learn to attract into our lives in a correct and effective way. We must begin, then, with becoming aware and mindful of our thoughts.

In this retreat will introduce:
 •   How thoughts and words affect your emotions, your behavior, and your health
•   Powerful techniques for creating constructive mental habits
Practices included:
•   Energy recharge: 39 exercises that will bring prana directly to cells, muscles, tissues, and organs. Mindfulness requires a higher level of energy, especially in the brain.
•   Exercises for a superconscious life: a series of 6 simple exercises that elevate our mental perspective and activate greater awareness. These are “quick start” techniques to banish subconscious programming and stimulate mental awakening.
•   Pranic techniques for self-healing include using the breath to awaken energy and direct it into the brain and upper energy centers, asana, affirmations, visualization and mantra.
•   Meditation techniques that concentrate the powers of the mind and calm emotional disturbances. We will focus on an effective concentration technique that brings peace and self-awareness. It is used with a powerful mantra.

The Healing Power of Vibration Retreat

Saturday, November 4, 9a – 4p.

The entire material universe is made up of vibrations. Sounds, shapes, colors, words, music, and mantras penetrate directly into our consciousness with healthy or harmful effects on our well-being.”Good health” is that state in which the vibrational frequencies of our physical, mental and spiritual body are in harmony with each other and with the frequency of Cosmic Consciousness.

Yogananda uses multiple forms of vibrations and frequencies for self-healing.

In this retreat we will explore: superconscious inspirational chants, mantras, healing affirmations, prayers, and some psycho-physical exercises.

 Course topics and practices:

 •   the gunas: the three vibratory ingredients of creation

•   Yogananda’s “CosmicSongs”

•   Awakening and harmony of the chakras

•   Deep practice of scientific healing affirmations

•   OM as a tool to help oneself and others •   Listening and singing inspired music

•   Exercises for self-healing using prana