Untitled-1Ananda celebrates the Christmas season and Easter holidays, together with spiritual celebrations related to Paramhansa Yogananda and his life, and the lives of his teachers from India. We celebrate the Christmas in many ways but a tradition begun by Paramhansa Yogananda is a day-long meditation retreat on a Saturday before Christmas.

We also celebrate secular holidays such as Thanksgiving and July 4th (Independence Day). Be sure to check the location as some holidays (banquets or picnics) take place at the nearby Ananda Community in Lynnwood.

Spiritual celebrations are free and all are welcome. All food served is vegetarian and some banquets are organized potlucks. Catered or prepared banquets-events require prepayment and registration, while at potlucks we ask attendees to pre-select their choice of item to bring, with pre-chosen recipes for the entree and principle side dishes.

Overnight retreats are often held in the late winter or early spring on Whidbey Island, in the fall at Ananda Community in Lynnwood, and year-round at The Expanding Light Retreat (northern California).