Patricia deAnguera

Patricia has worked in the Ananda office for more than 11 years. She works with the finances, in its myriad aspects. As well, she is one of our photographers, taking shots of members and activities, recording events such as the building of the Yoga Hall, and many other types of requests.

She is an artist at heart. With her photography, she says, “Wherever I am, I look for the right angle to catch the fleeting moment of divine light that is forever presenting itself in a new way.”

 She marvels at how appropriate the line from a song by Swami Kriyananda is – ‘Many hands make a miracle’ – with its many aspects of the temple, school, farms, thrift store, community, bookshop and yoga hall, and says “Ananda is a hands on laboratory for how to live”.

As to other participation with Ananda, she says, “I am deeply grateful for my Ananda life experiences, and my Ananda job is very much a part of that.  Ananda has deeply accelerated my self-acceptance and my understanding of who I am and how I fit into the world. That in itself is pure joy.  This also means that I have a greater understanding of others and, on occasion, I am able to help them grow a bit, too.

When she is not at Ananda, you might find her out with her husband, Paul, traveling, walking, hiking, x-country skiing, or spending time with their two daughters, Alice and Anna.