Nayaswami Padma McGilloway

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Nayaswami Padma McGilloway

Padma is the co-spiritual director of Ananda in Washington State, with her husband, Hriman.

Padma moved to Ananda Village in 1973 where she helped publish Swami Kriyananda’s books. She also served as a teacher and counselor. Padma and Hriman raised their son and daughter at Ananda Village.

While managing Crystal Clarity Publishers, she worked closely with Swami Kriyananda during some of his most prolific years of writing. For nearly 26 years, she coordinated the offering of publishing rights to Swami’s books to publishers into different languages.

In her classes and talks, she weaves spiritual teachings with memorable stories. Padma also coordinates study programs for Kriya Yogis. She is an ordained Lightbearer and Kriyacharya of Ananda Church of Self-Realization.