Gaby Selden

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Gaby Selden

Gaby Selden teaches the Thursday night Yoga class at Ananda, with the addition of her Himalayan Tibetan singing bowls, which she says aids in deepening the students’ practice.

Gaby was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She visited the US, liked what she saw, and took a chance and moved here. She met her husband while working at Microsoft. They have 2 young children, and lots of extended family. They enjoy cooking together, outings in nature, and road trips.

Gaby says that yoga brought remarkable results in her young son, in terms of calming and managing his behavior. She was inspired to study it herself, and learned about Ananda Yoga through East West Bookshop. Soon, she graduated from the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Program. Outside of Ananda, she currently teaches adults, and seniors, with some classes taught in Spanish.

Of Ananda Yoga, she shares that it helps to integrate energy on all levels, physically, spiritually and emotionally, giving one the feeling of being connected as a whole being. For herself, she cites qualities of strength, patience and calmness.

For her students, it gives her joy to see the students more joyful, calm, and less stressful. As a teacher, she feels to help people let go, awaken the energy of their bodies to connect on a deeper level, to stop and feel their natures of happiness and enjoying the moment, with humor along the way. Her advice: go to the class that resonates, and go with open heart and open mind.

Gaby has also graduated from Ananda’s Meditation Teacher Training Program, and appreciates how meditation and yoga complement one another.