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Selection of Harmoniums from India

The benefits of personal chanting are incalculable – they include deeper meditations, increased harmony and empathy with others, freedom from the bonds of the ego, and the experience of God’s love and bliss.

In Carnegie Hall in 1925, Paramhansa Yogananda led 3,000 souls in chanting, “O God Beautiful,” his translation of a chant by Guru Nanak, “Hay Hari Sundara.” Today, Yogananda’s chants continue bring deep inspiration to devotees all over the world.

In support of this important spiritual practice, Ananda in Seattle imports harmoniums direct from India. After thorough inspection and adjustment, these hand-made instruments are sold at East West Bookshop in Seattle and the Ananda Meditation Temple in Bothell.

We typically stock from six to twelve harmoniums in different sizes and price ranges, so we’re sure that you’ll be able to find the instrument that best suits your ear and budget.

Learning to Play

If you’re new to the harmonium, we’ll gladly help you learn a few basics about playing the instrument, and connect you with experienced musicians who can provide you with further support. Ananda Seattle also offers occasional workshops on chanting and playing the harmonium. Visit these sites for harmonium chanting instructions: OR

Group Chanting

Ananda offers monthly kirtans where you can enjoy the power of devotional chanting. Please see our Kirtans page for more information.

Selecting a Harmonium

Harmoniums were created to accompany devotional music. Their small size and heart-warming tone make them ideal for personal as well as group use.

We encourage you to visit our two locations and play all our harmoniums to find the one that resonates with you. Each hand-crafted instrument has a unique tonal personality. Variations occur not only between different models, but within the same model.

You can come by the Temple Tuesday-Friday, 11 a.m-5 p.m., or by appointment (call 425-806-3700 ). 


Available Models (a sample only: we are bringing in other models, too)


Bina Sangheet
Bina Sangheet

3-1/2 octaves
9 stops
4 extra notes
multifold bellows
highly finished teak wood cabinet

Bina Model 23B
Bina Model 23B

3-1/4 octave
double reed
3 air stops
2 drone knobs
1 tremolo knob
coupler lever
top-fold bellows
organ-style keys

Bina Model No. 10

3-1/4 octave
double reeds
1 extra note
5 stops
double bellows
table model


Prices and available models vary. Visit our Bothell location or call 425-806-3700 for details.


Simple care instructions are included with each harmonium. With loving care, a harmonium will continue to play well for many years, even decades.

Fortunately, most adjustments and corrections are easy to perform yourself. We can give a referral if you need a repair for your own harmonium. Details can be found in The Harmonium Handbook.