Satsang with

Swami Kriyananda

Swami Kriyananda wrote 150 books and it would take a person a very long time to read all of these treasures against time. So our members are participating in these one-hour Zoom classes, “Satsang with Swami Kriyananda” during which each class presents a summary of the highlights of one of Swamiji’s books.

Presented by various Ananda members these presentations are inspired yet informal and a great way to meet others of like-mind.

The Hindu Way of Awakening
Wednesday, May 12
7 – 8p, online on Zoom

This book is one of the deepest and unique among the writings of the incredibly prolific Swami Kriyananda. Couched in simple language is a very nuanced exploration of Hinduism. more

Presented by Dr. Murali Venkatrao, PhD

Awaken to Superconsciousness
Wednesday, June 2
7 – 8p, online on Zoom

In Awaken to Superconsciousness, Swami Kriyananda shares his knowledge of the ancient yoga tradition, details how to attain inner peace, and provides inspiring meditative exercises. more

Presented by Nayaswami Nivritti

Self-Expansion Through Marriage
Wednesday, June 9
7 – 8p, online on Zoom

Sincere relationships are what most people on the planet really want. Without an instruction manual, though, we sure can get confused! Fortunately, Swami Kriyananda wrote one: Expansive Marriage: A Way To Self-Realization. more

Presented by Dambara Begley

The Time Tunnel
Wednesday, June 16
7 – 8p, online on Zoom

The Time Tunnel is richly imaginative and inventive yet conveys deep truths in a way that will provide adults – and children – with fascinating topics for discussion. more

Presented by Zach Abbey

Out of the Labyrinth
Wednesday, July 7
7 – 8p, online on Zoom

In Out of the Labyrinth Swami Kriyananda demonstrates the genuine compatibility of scientific and religious values, and how science and our most cherished moral values actually enrich and reinforce one another. more

Presented by Nancy Callan

Your Sun Sign as a Spiritual Guide
Wednesday, July 14
7 – 8p, online on Zoom

Your Sun Sign as a Spiritual Guide guides the seeker to an understanding of the subtle aspects of the spiritual path as it manifests for him through his particular sun sign. more

Presented by Jacob MacLeod

Intuition for Starters
Wednesday, July 21
7 – 8p, online on Zoom

Intuition for Starters straightforwardly explains what true intuition is and where it comes from, describes the attitudes necessary for developing it, and gives you easy-to-understand practices and guidelines that will help you tap into intuitive guidance at will. more

Presented by Suzi Wright

Love Perfected, Life Divine
Wednesday, August 4
7 – 8p, online on Zoom

Is a soul-mate someone who is perfectly suited to another in temperament, or one who strongly resembles another in attitudes or beliefs as defined by Merriam-Webster? Join us this evening and find out how Swami Kriyananda responds in his book. more

Presented by Rick Skillman

Art as a Hidden Message
Wednesday, August 11
7 – 8p, online on Zoom

In Art as a Hidden Message, Swami Kriyananda shows the importance of seeing oneself and all things as aspects of a greater reality, of seeking to enter into conscious attunement with that reality, and of viewing all things as channels for the expression of that reality. more

Presented by Aditi Muir

God Is for Everyone
Wednesday, August 18
7 – 8p, online on Zoom

God Is for Everyone is the core of Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings. This book presents a concept of God and spiritual meaning that will broadly appeal to everyone, from the most uncertain agnostic to the most fervent believer. more

Presented by Bhima Breckenridge