Satsang with

Swami Kriyananda

Swami Kriyananda wrote 150 books and it would take a person a very long time to read all of these treasures against time. So our members are participating in these one-hour Zoom classes, “Satsang with Swami Kriyananda” during which each class presents a summary of the highlights of one of Swamiji’s books.

Presented by various Ananda members these presentations are inspired yet informal and a great way to meet others of like-mind.

God Is for Everyone
Wednesday, August 18
7 – 8p, online on Zoom

God Is for Everyone is the core of Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings. This book presents a concept of God and spiritual meaning that will broadly appeal to everyone, from the most uncertain agnostic to the most fervent believer. more

Presented by Bhima Breckenridge

Out of the Labyrinth
Wednesday, date TBD
7 – 8p, online on Zoom

In Out of the Labyrinth Swami Kriyananda demonstrates the genuine compatibility of scientific and religious values, and how science and our most cherished moral values actually enrich and reinforce one another. He lays out a new approach to spirituality that both solves the problem of meaninglessness and champions the possibility of human transcendence and divine truth. more

Presented by Nancy Callan