Raja / Hatha Yoga Intensive Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Raja and Hatha Yoga Intensive. This is Ananda’s most popular and longest running course series. In order to make the best of your experience, it will help both of us if we could share some initial information.


Course Segments

The course has two segments: Raja and Hatha. The Raja segment is the core of the course and encompasses meditation practices and the yoga teachings embodied in Patanjali’s famous Yoga Sutras and in the Bhagavad Gita. The Raja segment is from 7:15p – 9:15p pacific time. The Hatha segment focuses primarily upon practice of the classic yoga asanas (postures) using the approach of Ananda Yoga. Breathing techniques are included as are warm-ups, health, diet, and much more. The Hatha segment is from 6p – 7:15p pacific time.

The segments are designed to be taken together, but can be studied separately also. Will you be taking:
Have you taken the Raja Segment with Ananda Washington before?
Please indicate any health concerns or conditions you may have that might suggest or require adapting the yoga postures. Indicate if you’d like us to contact you by phone to discuss them. Note: with some exceptions, most yoga poses can be adapted to meet the needs of all participants. However, if you have a recent spinal injury or other health concern that could effect your practice (including heart disease and/or high blood pressure), please consult your physician or cardiologist before participating in the program.
No prior experience is necessary in the practice of Yoga postures, but describe any previous yoga experience and style of yoga practiced (or taught)!
Please take a moment to describe your current or past meditation practices, if any:
What would you like to learn, achieve, or experience in this course?
Kriya Yoga
As one of Ananda’s most popular courses, the Raja Yoga Intensive stands on its own as a complete course. Some students take this course because it is also one of the required steps towards learning Kriya yoga. Is this one of your purposes in taking this course?
Teacher Certification
The Raja Yoga Intensive is one of the core courses for teacher training and certification in yoga, meditation, and Education for Life (teaching children) offered by the Ananda Institute of Living Yoga. Such enrolled students take on homework and other obligations as part of the Raja course and therefore the course costs slightly more. If you take this course now and later enroll in the Institute you will not receive credit and should expect to repeat this course. If you have an interest in teacher training, even if later, you should enroll right away. A separate enrollment application and fee is needed for this. Enrollment closes after the second class. If this interests you and you would like us to call you to discuss it, please check Yes here.
Paramhansa Yogananda
We find that some of students know of the book, Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda. Have you:
What classes or activities, if any, at Ananda have you taken (and how recently)? Have you ever been to Ananda’s Expanding Light Retreat in California?

This course is based on Yogananda’s classes and writings on the universal precepts and techniques of Raja Yoga! He is one of the most well known and respected teachers of Raja Yoga in our times. His autobiography has sold millions of copies in over twenty languages since its publication in 1946! During this course the weekly Raja segment handouts will make references to it and offer chapters from it for optional reading.

Health information you should know regarding yoga practices

The science of yoga includes psycho-physiological techniques and exercises whose health risks are minimized by a conscious and sensitive application by each student taking into account his or her physical and mental health and ability. Students who are under a doctor’s care or have reason to be concerned about the effects of practicing these techniques should consult with their physician. Yoga practices consist of movement and bodily positions. Safe (as well as correct) practice requires relaxation, concentration, right attitude, and self-awareness at all times. It is the responsibility of individual students to assess whether or to what extent specific yoga positions or movements can be safely practiced. Your instructor may be able to recommend certain modifications to suit your needs or make other helpful suggestions. Feel free to discuss your situation with us.

You are encouraged to use care and common sense in your practices, both in class and at home. Symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, pain, or any other discomfort are cause for caution. If during yoga or meditation practice you experience difficulties of these or other types, you should discontinue your participation and inform the instructor.

Our instructors are experienced and certified practitioners of yoga and meditation, but are not health care professionals. Nor is yoga a substitute for medical care even if its health benefits are well established. We expect that if you are seeking specific health benefits from these practices that you will do so in conjunction with professional medical counsel. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, recent spinal injury, or similar conditions you should consult with your physician before participating in the Hatha segment of this Course.

We do ask that as a condition of participation in our yoga activities that you acknowledge that we have made you aware of these recommendations and agree to the release terms below. Ananda is a non-profit organization staffed primarily by volunteers and these classes are a community service offered to you in the spirit of sharing.