Retreat Healing through Vibration – NOV 2023



Saturday, November 18 at 9a to 4p (60 min lunch break).

The entire material universe is made up of vibrations. Sounds, shapes, colors, words, music, and mantras penetrate directly into our consciousness with healthy or harmful effects on our well-being.”Good health” is that state in which the vibrational frequencies of our physical, mental and spiritual body are in harmony with each other and with the frequency of Cosmic Consciousness.

Yogananda uses multiple forms of vibrations and frequencies for self-healing.

In this retreat we will explore: superconscious inspirational chants, mantras, healing affirmations, prayers, and some psycho-physical exercises.

Course topics and practices:

• the gunas: the three vibratory ingredients of creation

• Yogananda’s “CosmicSongs”

• Awakening and harmony of the chakras

• Deep practice of scientific healing affirmations

• OM as a tool to help oneself and others • Listening and singing inspired music

• Exercises for self-healing using prana

Vahini (E-RYT 500, YACEP) is a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and has lived in several of the Ananda international communities since 2008. She is a talented and dedicated yoga teacher with a wealth of expertise and experience.

Vahini loves to travel and be in contact with multiple cultures and countries. She has been a yoga teacher training staff since 2016 in Italy, California, and Bali; and taught hatha yoga classes and meditation since 2010. Her passion is to deepen and share her understanding of the natural power that each one has for self-healing (on all levels). Vahini has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, and she speaks Italian and English.