Week One – Relaxation, Breathing, Sitting & Posture   

We breathe every day and sit every day – yet most of us do not breathe diaphragmatically nor do we have natural posture for health and alertness.  Proper breathing and posture are the special gift of the science of meditation.  In addition, to meditate successfully, we need toUN-learn the association between relaxation and the subconscious mind.  By simple stretching and energizing exercises we can both relax AND energize the body and mind.  Together we will practice sitting positions (chair and floor), diaphragmatic breathing, and finding one’s natural spine position.  Then, using simple breathing techniques we can oxygenate and decarbonize the body to achieve wakeful relaxation and enthusiasm!

Week Two – Concentration on the Breath

Next, we will UN-learn the association of concentration with tension.  When we ENJOY something, concentration isn’t even a question! Experience the breath as the most natural and enjoyable focus for concentration!  Learn how concentration of the mind combined with relaxation of the natural feelings of the heart can produce deep calmness and enjoyment.

Week Three – Calm Feeling at the Heart of Meditation

In meditation, we become aware of inner energy known by various terms throughout the world but including Life Force, “Prana,” or “Chi.”  Using special breath techniques, affirmations, and simple visualizations, we can combine will power with sensitive inner awareness to achieve dynamic health and vitality.

Week Four – Meditation for Life

Meditation increases our access to creativity and intuition whether in our activities or meditation.  Paramhansa Yogananda used the term “superconsciousness” to describe that state of awareness from which these practical gifts descend.  We’ll also share some suggestions on how to bring meditation into your daily life lest meditation be at odds with the rest of your activities!  Lastly, we can offer you ways to deepen your meditation or your studies and how to continue meditating with others on a regular basis.  We have group meditations, retreats, spiritual travel, online resources, and much more!

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