Wednesdays: March 27 to July 24, 2019  

Prerequisite: Kriya Preparation Segment #1

This segment (#2) begins with learning and practicing the AUM technique, the last in the kriya family of techniques and preparation. Paramhansa Yogananda recommends approx. 6 months of practicing all the kriya preparatory before taking kriya initiation. During this segment of the Kriya Preparation training period, we will continue to practice together the preparatory meditation techniques each week. We will continue our study of the core precepts of yoga philosophy as expressed by Paramhansa Yogananda. Here’s a summary of the weekly class experience on Wednesdays at Ananda Community:


Begin with the kriya preparation sadhana (spiritual practices) of:

  • *The energization exercises
  • *Maha Mudra
  • *Navi kriya
  • *Hong Sau
  • *Hong Sau in the spine
  • *AUM technique

Study and discuss:

  • *Autobiography of a Yogi
  • *The New Path
  • *Conversations with Yogananda
  • *Kriya Preparation Handbook

Dates:            Wednesdays, March 27 to July 24, 2019 

Location:      Ananda Community in Lynnwood (Hansa)

Instructors:    Nayaswamis Hriman and Padma, Jamuna, Nivritti and Matt & Sue Stickney







Cost:              $175 plus texts (as listed above under study)

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