The workshop includes in-class practice, tips on establishing your practice at home, online guided meditations, written instructions, unlimited (no-charge) re-take policy, and ongoing support in-person or online.

In this workshop you will learn about the three phases of meditation: relaxation, interiorization and expansion. You’ll learn proven techniques that will help you to release mental and physical tension, and to concentrate deeply on the subtle inner realities, thereby, experiencing an expanded sense of of self.

Here are some of the topics covered in this class:

  • How to release tension and relax the body
  • How to quiet and concentrate the mind.
  • How to experience calmness, inner peace, self-acceptance, unselfish love and inner joy.
  • How to be enthusiastic, open and positive towards meditation and self-transformation
  • Techniques taught in this class include:
  • Simple stretches & exercises
  • Breath control exercises
  • Watching the breath
  • Affirmations
  • Chanting
  • Creative visualization
$25 – Book sold separately (recommended, but not required).



Brandi Olden

Brandi is Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master and Registered Dietitian. Her passion is helping people discover the fruits of meditation which include peace, energy, love, wisdom, healing and more. Join...

David Paige

David and his wife Hope own and operate Northwest Senior Care. Dave also teaches physical education at Living Wisdom School in Lynnwood, Washington. He has been a daily meditator for...

Bruce Davis

Bruce has been a member of Ananda for over three decades. He is a certified meditation teacher and a teacher of Ananda “How to Live” classes. Bruce is the owner...

Nancy Merrifield

Nancy is from the mid-west, and raised two daughters in Southern Michigan. She relocated to Washington in 1990, due to a job transfer, bringing her youngest daughter with her. She...


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