Honoring Swami Kriyananda’s passing seven years ago (April 21, 2013), we offer to you two free gifts of inspiration: a ten minute video talk by Swamiji on the role in this world of the Ananda communities, AND, a very timely and free e-book by Swamiji, THE ROAD AHEAD. (You can find different versions of the e-book below. Click on the links to download.)

“The Road Ahead” pdf

“The Road Ahead” ePub 

“The Road Ahead” mobi

“The Road Ahead” azw3

The .azw3 file is the preferred Kindle format. The .mobi file is also a Kindle format. The .epub file is for use on most other devices. Download it to your iPad, for example, and choose to open it with your Books (or iBooks) app.
For those who want to print the book out, or to read it on their computer screen, you can download the book in PDF format.