Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda shared beautiful teachings on the subject of giving.

“Teach us to spend for others’ necessities as happily and freely as we spend for our own real needs.
Teach us not to love Thy gifts and forget Thee, the Giver of all gifts.”

-Paramhansa Yogananda

“Give to God, or to some good cause in His Name, a portion of whatever money you receive.”

-Swami Kriyananda

Ways to Give

There are many ways to give in support of Yogananda’s work through Ananda.

Giving may take the form of a One-Time Donation or a Monthly Donation.  For those who donate, pledge or tithe on a regular basis, we offer Circles of Givingas a way of God thanking God. You can also consider a Planned Giving by Will or Trust.

Tithing is a time-honored spiritual practice of offering regular financial support to the source of our inspiration.


Tithing as a Lesson from Nature

Nature teaches us many wonderful lessons at the farm each year. For example, every fall season, the leaves, branches, needles, and organic material of all kinds fall back to the earth, to replenish the soil from which Life and all plants on our planet spring forth. This natural process is Nature’s method of mulching; of giving back to earth.

The more that I give that which I have to give, the more I am amazed at how well taken care of I am in the process.  The more I feed those areas of my Life which truly resonate with my higher self and dharma, the more they grow in me. And equally as important, the more that I forget myself in the process of giving (for nothing is truly mine!), the closer I feel to all harmony with life itself.Read More


Tithing as a Flow

Tithing is a surprisingly commonsense approach to dispelling fears around money or lack of money.  It allows us to tap into a consciousness of abundance and being in the current of currency.

Adding this practice has completely shifted my thinking about money and security and has been very freeing to me. The more I tune into this world and our experience here in terms of energy the more I feel expansive in my thinking and can really enjoy life.Read More


How Does This Work?

I began tithing years ago.  At first, while raising a family, it was a strange concept (“What, give money away?”), but it somehow made sense, so I began, cautiously tithing 2% of my income every month.

Some time went by, the roof didn’t cave in, and things actually seemed to work a bit better. So I increased the tithe to 5%.  Time went by, the roof didn’t cave in…and eventually I arrived at tithing 10%.Read More


A Spiritual Practice for Me

I’ve been aware of the concept of tithing for most of my life. I thought that tithing meant giving some portion of whatever was left over at the end of the month, or feeling inspired by some plight that had just been brought to my attention and giving to that. I also thought that “tithing my energy” was an option instead of giving money. My tithing was random and usually had an “I should” attached to it.

While living in Los Angeles, I had a dear friend Dharmaraj who helped me to understand tithing. He said that tithing was a spiritual practice for me. I was intrigued with this idea, because I certainly wanted to do everything I could to advance spiritually. I realized then that I had always thought of tithing as being mostly about the receiver!Read More


Tithing Testimonial  

When I first started on this path, I wanted to experiment with tithing. This is one of Yogananda’s teaching about the flow of money and how to keep that flow going. I was in need of learning that.   I was at the time saddled with the expense of a growing family, and my work income was less than I needed, but I also wanted to tithe at the same time. Read More


It is More Blessed to Give

In June 1976, a forest fire swept through the rustic Ananda World Brotherhood Village near Nevada City, CA and destroyed virtually all the modest homes of its residents. The fire was caused by a faulty spark arrestor on a County operated vehicle. After the fire, Swami Kriyananda (founder of the community) wrote to the County Supervisors informing them that Ananda would not sue the County (even though neighbours did and they received reimbursed damages). Read More