Fullness Meditation Sessions

“The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the Spirit lies its greatest joy”

Paramhansa Yogananda


Cost: $20 for a single class or $60 prepaid for your first four.

After that: Free retake policy! After you've learned the basics, you can be part of a weekly meditation group and deepen and share your experience with others. Come as often as you like. Ananda offers free retakes for life for meditation students. If you have taken the "Learn to Meditate" class series in the past, you may take any or all of the Fullness Meditation classes as many times as you'd like at no additional cost.  Students who take one or more of the Fullness Meditation classes may likewise repeat those classes at any time. Students who have taken one or more Fullness Meditation classes may also attend any of our 2.5 hour Saturday workshops for only the additional cost over what they have already paid for meditation classes.

Choose the One (or more) that Suits You Best. Register below. Our teachers will generally emphasize the themes and techniques indicated below but each session, teacher, and student is unique and each class will attempt to address the needs of those who come. The outline below, therefore, is general and suggestive of different aspects of how meditation can improve your life, mind, emotions, energy, and body.

Week 1 - Mind Fullness Meditation:

Studies have repeatedly shown that meditation can effectively help you deal successfully with managing stress, overcoming compulsive behavior, and reducing the threat of fears and anxieties to overwhelm good judgment. By learning proven mindfulness meditation methods to observing your reactions to circumstances and your response to your own thoughts, you can decide the best course of action in daily life.

  • Clear the mind using simple breath control techniquesflower
  • Learn the double breath technique
  • Learn diaphragmatic breathing
  • Learn how to sit for meditation
  • Practice observing the breath using an affirmation
  • Clear the mind with simple imagery
  • 3 states of consciousness: subconscious, conscious & superconscious
  • Two separate practice sessions will be given during this class


Week 2 - Health Fullness Meditation:

Optimum health can be improved when good posture enables the even distribution of energy to the body; when proper breathing oxygenates the cells efficiently, and when the mind is aware of the energy and vitality latent or flowing in the body. In this meditation course, you will experience how to improve posture, breathing, and self-awareness with proven techniques.

  • How to sit with a straight spine
  • How to stand with a straight spine
  • How to breathe naturally using the diaphragm
  • Gain awareness & control of the life energy within you to stimulate vitality & health
  • Learn simple tension exercises (done while standing)
  • Learn the double breath & even count breath techniques
  • Learn to create simple flow-imagery for meditation
  • Two separate practice sessions will be given during this class


Week 3: Peace Fullness Meditation:

Meditation can help us cope with grief, loss, moods, negative emotions, and anxiety by relaxing the body and calming the mind. Meditation can be a healing process that gradually and naturally transforms emotion into an intuitive feeling of our innate well-being, security, comfort and confidence. This process includes acknowledging present realities and then, using proven body-breath-heart-&-mind techniques, learning to access higher states of being where alone safety, security, healing and peace perpetually reside.

Learn the basics of meditation: sitting, breathing, and focusing

  • Expel negative emotions using tension exercises and breath control
  • Relax the body: relax the emotions;
  • Stabilize your breath: focus the mind
  • Imagery to expand the heart
  • Affirmations to affirm peace, love, and joy
  • Overcome the eight “meannesses” of the heart!
  • How to send out positive thoughts and intentions
  • How to receive inspiration and intuition
  • Dissolve pain with breath awareness


Week 4: Soul Fullness Meditation:

Traditional meditation is the most direct and time-honored means of establishing a personal perception or experience of transcendent realities, whether approached devotionally (as God, Father, Mother, etc.), metaphysically (as Infinite Consciousness) or energetically (as love, power, peace, sound or light, etc.). In this class we share the core concentration meditation technique taught by Paramhansa Yogananda who came to America in 1920 and who is known throughout the world for his now classic story, “Autobiography of a Yogi.” This course is open to anyone regardless of affiliation, belief, or membership at Ananda. All truth seekers and devotees will benefit.

  • 3 stages of meditation: relaxation, concentration and communion
  • Basic chair sitting position and simple standing exercises before meditation
  • Diaphragmatic breathing and proper posture
  • Simple breath control techniques: double breath & even count
  • Hong Sau mantra
  • Universal and highest technique of breath awareness
  • Prayer, chanting, and affirmation
  • Power of visualization : 8 aspects of superconsciousness
  • Where to concentrate and why: the spiritual eye, doorway to higher states of consciousness
  • What are advanced meditation techniques and why they can help you


Our Instructors have years of practice and all are graduates from the Ananda Institute of Living Yoga’s Meditation Teacher Training program. These classes are open to all. There are no prerequisites.

“The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with Spirit lies its greatest joy.” —Yogananda

The book How to Meditate by Jyotish Novak is suggested as a text for the class series. You may buy the book at either class location.