Schedule of Events for East Meets West Fest at Bastyr University on July 14, 2018

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2:30 pm: Yogananda's Metaphysical Healing with Christy Johnston



3:00 pm: Storytelling from Mystical India with Murali Venkatrao



3:30 pm: Children's Puppet Show with Kathleen Spaulding & Living Wisdom School




3:30 pm: Yoga of Natural Farming with Zach and Hailey Abbey

4:00 pm:  Art  with Children with Heather Knouse and Living Wisdom School



4:00 pm: Is your Child Truly Thriving?  with Kamran Matlock




5:00 pm: Living Yoga Body, Mind and Soul!  with Zach & Hailey Abbey, and Bhima Breckenridge

Chapel Stage

2:00 pm: Sacred Sound Bath with Soundsation



3:00 pm: The Fullness of Meditation! with Nancy Merrifield




3:30 pm: Kriya Yoga - Transcending Karma! with Nayaswamis Hriman and Padma McGilloway

4:00 pm: Joy of Chanting with Ananda Next Wavers




4:30 pm: Singing to Open the Heart with Bhagavati and Ramesh Nani


5:00 pm: Inner Sound Yoga with David Eby, Murali Venkatrao & Samara Spitzer

Lawn Area

2:00 pm: Children's Yoga with Chandi Holliman

2:30 pm: Children's Kirtan & Meditation with Chandi Holliman


2:30 pm: Spirit and Nature Walk Hand in Hand (Meet at Tent and Go from There) with Navashen Jones


3:00 pm: Alignment Basics - Learning to Live from Your Center with Michelle Phua



3:45 pm: Experience Classic Hatha Yoga, the Ananda Way with Lynne Steele



4:30 pm: Vinyasa Breathwork with Brian Charlton




All Booths Close at 5 PM

Class Room


2:00 pm: Cell Phone Yama Sutra with Dharmadevi and Narayan Romano


2:30 pm: My Heart Remembers with Narayani Anaya and Shurjo Jha

3:00 pm: Taking Your Spirituality to Work with Krysta Gibson



3:30 pm: Sufi Heart! with Imam Jamal Rahman



4:00 pm: Wisdom of the Torah with Rabbi Ted Falcon




4:30 pm: Touch of Joy with Nayaswamis Devi and Jyotish Novak

5:00 pm: Life of Paramhansa Yogananda with Author Philip Goldberg


Chapel Foyer

3:00 pm -  Booksigning with  Narayani Anaya, author of My Heart Remembers



3:30 pm - Booksigning with Krysta Gibson, author of Anything is Possible



4:00 pm -  Booksigning with Jamal Rahman, author of Sacred Laughter of the Sufis



4:30 pm - Booksigning with Rabbi Ted Falcon, author of Finding Peace through Spiritual Practice




5:00 pm -  Booksigning with Nayaswamis Devi and Jyotish Novak, authors of A Touch of Joy


5:30 pm - Booksigning with Philip Goldberg, author of The Life of Yogananda


6 - 8 pm: Keynote Presentation

A New Tomorrow Today

United Nations Global Ambassador Peace Award Recipients, Nayaswami's Jyotish & Devi Novak will give the keynote presentation on "A New Tomorrow Today".  Jyotish and Devi are the Spiritual Directors of Ananda Worldwide, and the authors of Touch of Light and Touch of Joy.

They will be joined by local interfaith leaders Imam Jamal RahmanRabbi Ted Falcon, Rev. Michael Ingersoll, and author of American Veda and The Life of Yogananda Philip Goldberg.