Deepen Your Meditation Series

Deepening Your Meditation Experience – Choose the One (or more) that Suits You Best.

These classes have been specially designed for those who have taken one or more of the Fullness series of meditation classes. However, they are open to anyone with meditation experience and training. Our experienced Ananda meditation teachers will work with you and tailor the class to meet your needs and interests in deepening your experience of meditation.

Cost: $15 for a single class or $50 prepaid for all four.


Week 1 – Deepening Your Meditation Through Breath.

Observing or controlling the breath with focused awareness is the most popular and effective form of meditation throughout the world and down through the ages. In this class, we will take the techniques learned in one or more of the Fullness Meditation classes and refine our experience and understanding of several of the basic breath techniques. The basic breath techniques which we will be reviewed and refined may include:

  • The tense and relax double breath used either in a standing exercise and/or a sitting breath technique.
  • Simple diaphragmatic breathing in a variety of formats from even-count to extended breath held in (or out).
  • Alternate nostril breathing using the Vishnu (hand) mudra.
  • Observing the flow of breath using an affirmation or the Hong Sau bij mantra.
  • We will have at least two periods of meditation practice in this class.
  • Instructor may include other practices such as affirmation, imagery or chanting.
  • There will be time for discussion.


Week 2 – Deepening Your Meditation Through Concentration.

One of the most common challenges in meditation is staying focused! Our meditation instructor will guide you through preliminary techniques to help gain awareness and control over your thoughts. Some of these may include:

  • Practice moving from controlled breathing to non-controlled breathing
  • Use counting with breath control to focus the mind
  • Counting between thoughts to extend the length of mental stillness
  • Observing the flow of breath with eyes open
  • Dividing the Hong Sau technique into specific stages of deepening awareness
  • Observing the breath from the medulla or forehead
  • Using imagery and feeling to sooth and quiet the mind
  • Training the mind to be your meditation guide
  • Instructor may include other practices such as affirmation, imagery or chanting.
  • There will be time for discussion.


Week 3 – Deepening Your Meditation Through Calm Feeling.

The secret to deep meditation lies not in the mind but in the heart. There, resting at the calm center of deep and refined feeling, is the key to inner peace and joy. In this class we will share with you a variety of heart-opening techniques such as:

  • Simple chants, either or both in English and Sanskrit
  • Calming and expansive imagery taken from archetypal symbols in nature or devotional imagery or symbols.
  • How to pray in the language of your own heart. Prayer and poetry from the writings of Paramhansa Yogananda might be shared as examples or resources.
  • How to bring feeling into the basic breath control and observation techniques.
  • How to use simple movements expressed with feeling as inspirational warm-ups for sitting in meditation.
  • How to awaken enthusiasm with affirmations used in movement and in sitting.


Week 4 – Deepening Your Meditation Through Superconsciousness.

Meditation has been described as an “upward relaxation into Superconsciousness!” We can think of Superconsciousness as the realm of intuition from which come answers, guidance, inspiration and the elemental soul qualities of joy, love, vitality, peace, calmness and the inner experiences of astral light and sound. We can approach this state of consciousness metaphysically, energetically, or devotionally according to our own temperament. True meditation begins when the practice of meditation techniques end! In this class we will focus on how to enter into inner stillness which allows the invisible, weightless waterfall of intuition and Superconsciousness to flow into our life.

  • How to infuse your meditation techniques with stillness
  • The importance of going beyond techniques
  • What is intuition?
  • What does it mean to “Be still and know that I AM!”
  • What are the eight basic aspects of Superconsciousness
  • How to attune our mind and conscious vibration to Superconscious states
  • For future training: advanced techniques of meditation such as chakra meditations and kriya yoga. 8-Fold Path to higher awareness.



Brandi Olden

Brandi is Certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master and Registered Dietitian. Her passion is helping people discover the fruits of meditation which include peace, energy, love, wisdom, healing and more. Join...

David Paige

David and his wife Hope own and operate Northwest Senior Care. Dave also teaches physical education at Living Wisdom School in Lynnwood, Washington. He has been a daily meditator for...

Bruce Davis

Bruce has been a member of Ananda for over three decades. He is a certified meditation teacher and a teacher of Ananda “How to Live” classes. Bruce is the owner...

Buddy Wilson

Buddy Wilson is a certified meditation teacher and Ananda Yoga teacher. He takes time from his busy and growing software technology firm, to teach meditation and yoga at the Bothell location.

Nancy Merrifield

Nancy is from the mid-west, and raised two daughters in Southern Michigan. She relocated to Washington in 1990, due to a job transfer, bringing her youngest daughter with her. She...

Isabell Reed

Marilyn has enjoyed meditation since being a teenager, first inspired by the book. “Siddhartha”, then going deeper with “Metaphysical Meditations” by Yogananda, all the while discovering meditation could be done...

Lynne Steele

Lynne Steele has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher and certified Ananda Meditation Teacher. Her energetic, enthusiastic and caring approach helps beginning...

Nayaswami Suryadas Holliman

Suryadas and his wife Chandi have lived at Ananda’s spiritual community in Lynnwood for over twenty years. He was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to the northwest...

Nayaswami Chandi Holliman

Chandi Holliman is the Living Wisdom Preschool founder and has been a Pre-School teacher for 16 years. She holds holds the Education for Life teaching certification, Ananda Yoga and Meditation Teacher...

Sita (Michelle) Phua

Sita fell in love with yoga in 1997 when she took a pre-natal yoga class when pregnant with her oldest child. She has practiced many styles of yoga over the...