ONLINE: “Whispers from Eternity” – A Daily Broadcast of Inspiration

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Swamis Hriman and Padma invite you to tune in Monday-Friday at noon (12pm) for about 5 to 10 minutes.  A daily pick-me-up connection! We take turns reading from Yogananda’s collection of prayer-demands, “Whispers from Eternity,” and sharing inspiration, techniques and thoughts for living the life of a spiritual warrior.  We’re reading straight through the book and began with […]

ONLINE – Yoga with Nancy

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Ananda Yoga is gentle for beginning students and becomes gradually more challenging as the student gains experience and chooses to expand his or her boundaries. Because of this Ananda Yoga is not competitive or forced. Ananda Yoga includes: * Asanas (classic yoga postures)* Pranayama (traditional raja yoga breathing and energy-control techniques)* Effective meditation & centering […]


ONLINE: The Garden of the New Year: Affirmations & Meditations for Eternal Freedom

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Featuring New Year's remarks "Growing with God: Good Seeds in 2021" ONLINE ONLY. View the New Year's Eve program here starting at 7pm on Thu, Dec 31. See below. Shall we hope and pray for a better year? Or, the courage, faith, and equanimity to embrace whatever Divine Mother asks of us? Either way, we […]