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May 12 @ 7:00 pm 8:00 pm PDT

Wednesday, May 12, 7p, $10, online (Zoom). Presented by Dr. Murali Venkatrao, PhD

This book is one of the deepest and unique among the writings of the incredibly prolific Swami Kriyananda. Couched in simple language is a very nuanced exploration of Hinduism.

 Why does Kali, whom Yogananda worshipped as Divine Mother, look terrifying? Do Yogis walk on fire? What’s the deal with the countless gods and goddesses? Hinduism, seen outwardly, is complex, contradictory, and confusing; it has neither a founder nor a central church, and seems to have just “happened”. But underlying it all is the transcendental simplicity of Universal Truth, whose goal is Self-Realization in God. This inner essence of Hinduism, known simply as Sanatana dharma, is the fountainhead of Yoga and Vedanta; it has served as a fount of inspiration for many great people, from Thoreau to Gandhi, from Schopenhauer to Schrodinger. Swami Kriyananda, in this wonderful and unique book, teases out the essence of Sanatana dharma, explaining the symbols, practices, and the true meaning of this ancient and vibrant tradition. Join us for a lively discussion of the underlying principles of Yoga and perhaps even a story or two.

The book is presented by Murali; despite having grown up in an orthodox Hindu household, Murali had to wait for Swamiji’s writings to truly appreciate the depth and nuance of the tradition into which he was born. He has studied Vedanta and Yogic writings both as a student of philosophy and as a decades-long meditator.