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IN PERSON & ONLINE: Life Therapy through Life Force Control

October 1 @ 10:30 am 12:30 pm PDT

Saturday, October 1, 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. $25 (Circles of Giving discounts apply)

In this dynamic workshop, Vahini Sleighter, Ananda Yoga instructor, will show us how to apply the principles of Yogananda’s now popular recharging exercises to draw directly from the unlimited source of cosmic energy. This healing energy can then be directed where it is most needed.

“Medicines have limitations; the creative life-force has none. Believe that: you shall be well and strong.”-Autobiography of a Yogi

The principles of the recharging exercises can be applied effectively to all kinds of healing techniques. When the Life Force (prana) is stimulated and properly addressed, it becomes the tool of all the different forms of self-healing. Anyone, regardless of current health or mobility, can use these exercises to stimulate the healing process. 

Two important principles form the basis of Life Therapy healing:

1. Will power! As Yogananda would say, “The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy.” Will power, however, as we usually experience it must be refined and softened by the second principle …  

2. Be a channel of healing! Whether for yourself or for another person, the effectiveness of Life Healing Therapy is greatly enhanced when we see ourselves as a channel for Life Force (rather than its source). It is not “my” energy but “cosmic energy” that I willingly and joyfully channel for my own, or another’s highest good.

Among the practices, we will experience include a deep and “super relaxation technique,” two or three techniques for balancing emotions, sending energy through the spiritual eye for healing at a distance, visualization and affirmations. Parts of this workshop are drawn from Yogananda’s “Super Advanced” course published in 1930.

 Swami Kriyananda wrote:

“Our body is a physical electromagnetic motor that we live in and we need to learn how to recharge it by drawing on the divine source of healing energy. By consciously attuning yourself to the healing forces of the universe, you will feel the whole dynamo of power flowing through your body. That flow is everywhere. Realize that the power that you’re drawing on is the same power that is all over the universe. To get in tune with healing, think of the generative power that produced the universe.” Swami Kriyananda

Presented by Vahini Sleighter
23305 Bothell Everett Highway
Bothell, WA 98021 United States
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