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ONLINE: Is Jesus Present Today? Yoga of the Bible

December 2 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm PST

3 Wednesdays, December 2, 9 &16; 7 to 8.30 p.m.; $30, Online on Zoom

What better year than 2020 to seek the blessings and presence of the masters into our lives and into our society! Paramhansa Yogananda brought a “New Dispensation” of the universal and ancient teachings, bringing together East and West, Krishna and Christ, for the “healing of the nations.” Ananda teachers Nayaswami Hriman, Nayaswami Jamuna and Bhima Breckenridge team up to make this series interesting, inspiring, and energizing.

The universality of faith traditions goes beyond being loving, kind, and forgiving. The Golden Rule is a good start for finding mutuality but there are deeper realities, not unlike those pursued by leading-edge scientists into quantum realities or astrophysics. These deeper realities are thickly veiled, especially in the Bible, but they DO exist: revelations about the nature and workings of the inner “man,” the science of the soul.

This “New Dispensation” holds that there is no essential conflict between science and spirituality: only that they address different, but related, realms of reality, and in so doing, use different tools.

Yogananda revealed the deeper truths behind complex stories and teachings of the Bible such as:

* Genesis: where was the Garden of Eden?
* Evolution of species: Who were Adam and Eve?
* The Great Flood: true? if so, why?
* Revelations of Ezekiel the Prophet
* Book of Job: who is responsible for suffering?
* Tower of Babel: what is this tower?
* The End Times (including the Apocalypse of St. John)
* Guru-disciple relationship: did Jesus have a guru?
* Forgiveness of sins: who can forgive sin?
* Redemption via the Cross: did Jesus die for our sins?
* Is Jesus the Only-Begotten? Is Jesus the only Way?
* Resurrection: of the body?
* Existence of Hell (and Heaven)

A panel of Ananda teachers will present Yogananda’s revelations regarding the Bible and Jesus Christ.


December 2
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm PST
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