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ONLINE: Easter Reflections Retreat

April 3, 2021 @ 10:00 am 12:00 pm PDT

Easter Reflections Retreat – A Yogi’s Reflections on the “Stations of the Cross” of Ego

Saturday, April 3, 10am to 12pm. $20, Online on Zoom

All are welcome!

In this retreat, the traditional “Stations of the Cross” will serve as an inspiration for reflections on the stages of the soul’s awakening to its resurrection in Light and Joy! Each step that Jesus Christ took on the Via Dolorosa (carrying his cross to the hill of his crucifixion) can symbolize for us each step that our soul takes towards its resurrection and freedom in God. The only crucifixion that takes place is of selfishness, self-involvement, and ego-consciousness.

Each week we affirm in the Festival of Light this deeper truth: “That whereas suffering and sorrow, in the past, were the coin of man’s redemption, for us now the payment has been exchanged for calm acceptance and joy!”

During the two-hour retreat we will spend five to ten minutes at each “station” with a chant, a prayer and inner silent communion.

Guided by Nayaswamis Hriman and Padma.