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MOVED TO APRIL, exact date TBD: Ananda Yoga for Beginners

March 13, 2021 @ 10:30 am 12:00 pm PST

For those new (and newer!) to yoga


$20 via Zoom.

It can be intimidating to attend a regular yoga class for the first time.  We may think, “but I can’t touch my toes!”  Yoga is not about touching your toes!  Nor is yoga about bending your body into a pretzel shape.  Yoga truly is for everybody and the only yoga posture you “fail” at is the one you don’t do. How your poses look outwardly is not the measure of your success.  You can receive great benefit even if your poses don’t look like anyone else’s.  Progress in yoga is directional!  It’s all a matter of taking your own next steps.  This class will help you get started.

This class is designed to help you learn seven basic yoga postures in a way that is accessible, comfortable, and enjoyable.  You will learn modifications for each pose.  You will leave class with a sample practice routine, guidance and support on how to continue with your new practice… and confidence to attend a regular yoga class if you so choose.

Class will begin with a welcome and introduction, a gentle warm-up, a fun exploration of yoga postures with time for questions and answers so you can feel confident in the poses, and end with deep relaxation.  The instructor is happy to answer your questions at the end of class… or by email if they should come up afterwards.

Once you register, the instructor will send you an email welcoming you and checking to see if you have any questions ahead of time.


*Please wear comfortable clothing in which you can move freely. (Jeans and belts aren’t great choices.)  It’s best to practice bare-footed.

*Ideally, try not to eat right before class.  Fruit or fruit juice are okay if you’re hungry.

*You will need a yoga mat and two blankets or two folded towels for props.

*As class is taught via Zoom, please make sure your camera can capture (as best as possible) your whole body – standing and sitting on your mat.

*For safety, doing class with the video off is not an option.

*If you have any health concerns or issues, please be sure to get your doctor’s okay ahead of class time.  If you have questions, please email or call us at the Temple.       

This class will be led by Ananda Yoga Teacher, Sita Tocco  Sita has been teaching beginner’s classes for over four years and helps students to feel safe and supported as they try yoga – in a joyful, approachable way.

Sita Tocco