Samara Spitzer

Samara Spitzer is an Ananda Yoga Teacher & works behind the scenes at the Institute of Living Yoga and Ananda.  On a personal level, teaching Ananda Yoga has supported her growth to live positively, go with the flow of how things happen naturally, listen inwardly, and live with gratitude for the grace within and all around her. Of Jewish heritage,  and raised in the Jewish faith, Samara grew up in Washington and is very close with her family. She studied anthropology and Buddhist psychology, and has lived in places like Israel, Santa Fe NM, Boston, and Boulder, before finding that what she needed was right here in Washington! She has experience working with different non-profit organizations and is also a certified Nia and Zumba instructor, reporting that both yoga and dancing, each in their own unique way, connect her to her spirit. Besides teaching yoga at Ananda Temple, she also finds joy in teaching at correctional facilities with Yoga Behind Bars.