Kayla Gomez

Kayla Gomez began practicing Yoga in Arizona nearly 10 years ago. Naturally curious, her love began to expand once she started studying beyond the physical postures. She says “Yoga began to give me a kind of internal calmness I had never experienced before. In addition, it gave me a new way of approaching the world with less judgement and more compassion.” After moving to Washington she became inspired to teach but wanted to find a school that embodied the traditional teachings of Yoga that she loves and a place for body mind and spirit to come together. She believes Ananda Yoga is that place and she became certified in 2017. She is also a Psychiatric Registered Nurse and as part of her effort to give back she enjoys offering Yoga classes to her patients at work. Her favorite thing about teaching Yoga is being able to hold a safe space for her students to have the experience that is right for them.