Choir and Instrumental Groups

  • Vajra Madden

    Vajra is a member of Ananda’s Sevaka order. He is a volunteer member of our office staff. He is a co-director of the Ananda Washington choir and the leader of our instrumental group.

  • Cindy Gottfried

    Cindy is a member of the Ananda Sevaka Order and co-leads the Ananda Choir. 


Kirtan (Chanting)

  • Bhakti Breckenridge

    Bhakti is a certified Ananda Yoga Teacher. She teaches at the Bothell Yoga Hall and she also teaches yoga to the children at Living Wisdom School. She and her husband Bhima teach our premier course, Raja Yoga, at East West twice a year. They also lead the Ananda kirtan group. Ananda generally has a kirtan (spiritual chanting) on the 4th Saturday of each month. 

  • Bhima Breckenridge

    Bhima is the co-manager of East West Bookshop where he teaches our premiere course, Raja Yoga, twice a year. He and his wife Bhakti lead the Ananda Kirtan Group. Ananda has kirtans (spiritual chanting) on the last Saturday of each month. See calendar for exact calendar as holidays may alter this schedule.