• Justin Lee

    Justin Lee finds meditation to be a good friend in his life adventure. Sharing and exploring this practice with others is a joy. He is a certified Ananda meditation teacher.

  • Nancy Merrifield

    Nancy is from the mid-west, and raised two daughters in Southern Michigan. She relocated to Washington in 1990, due to a job transfer, bringing her youngest daughter with her. She has four, “perfect”, grandchildren.

    Nancy’s background is in nursing, exercise science, cardiac rehabilitation and teaching lifestyle change. Currently she is an Ananda Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, and owns Life Solutions Healing Arts Center where she teaches all levels of Usui/Holy Fire II, Karuna Reiki and offers Reiki sessions with sounds healing and other like-minded classes and shares.  Nancy was an integral part of establishing the International Center for Reiki Research and the Reiki in Hospitals Program through the International Center for Reiki Training.

    Nancy has always embraced Holistic Wellness and the body, mind, spirit connection. She has had a personal practice of meditation for most of her adult life . . . . In February of 2013, she noticed the blue roof of the Ananda Temple in Bothell. She went inside to inquire about their meditation classes. She has always had a deep interest in learning new ways of spiritual upliftment. She joined the meditation class, which started that evening, and she has really never stopped taking Ananda classes. Now she is teaching..  Nancy completed the Raja/Hatha program, Kriya classes, Meditation Teacher Training and Spiritual Counseling Training. 

    Nancy shares, “Ananda has brought great clarity to my understanding Spiritual truths, the silver threads that run through all beliefs, the Joy of “standing calm in life’s storms”, the peace of  knowing “center everywhere” and how the acts of trusting and allowing the natural unfoldment of One’s Divine Plan brings Calmness, Peace, Joy, Love, Light, and Wisdom. A favorite quote of mine, from the book God Alone, by Sister Gyanamata, is “Change no circumstances of my life, change me”.  My training at Ananda has enabled me to better serve others, intuitively, as a Spiritual Counselor, Meditation Teacher, and a Usui/Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master Teacher.”

    Nancy enjoys serving those seeking their next step, no matter what that might be; she is committed to raising her own consciousness with the understanding that her efforts affect the “All”.  She sees the act of developing a regular meditation practice as a commitment toward reaching one’s Highest Potential.

  • Marilyn Reed

    Marilyn has enjoyed meditation since being a teenager, first inspired by the book. “Siddhartha”, then going deeper with “Metaphysical Meditations” by Yogananda, all the while discovering meditation could be done in the great outdoors. Later, in 2005, a dream of Yogananda occurred like a summons to endeavor towards higher consciousness. This has led to consistent spiritual practices of prayer, meditation and deep stillness. As an Ananda Meditation Teacher, Marilyn’s passion is in guiding students into the soul’s temple of silence and to bask in inner reverence and deep peace. In other roles, as a medical hypnotherapist, she facilitates accelerated healing through imagery; as a naturalist guide, she leads forest, pond and spider walks for children and adults. The beauty of nature can so wonderfully contribute to meditation, guided imagery and sharing with others!

  • Bhakti Breckenridge

    Bhakti is a certified Ananda Yoga Teacher. She teaches at the Bothell Yoga Hall and she also teaches yoga to the children at Living Wisdom School. She and her husband Bhima teach our premier course, Raja Yoga, at East West twice a year. They also lead the Ananda kirtan group. Ananda generally has a kirtan (spiritual chanting) on the 4th Saturday of each month. 

  • Lynne Steele

    Lynne Steele has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher and certified Ananda Meditation Teacher. Her energetic, enthusiastic and caring approach helps beginning and experienced yoga students find their own personal expressions of joy, harmony and balance in body, mind and spirit. Lynne leads classes at the Ananda Meditation Temple and at other locations in the Seattle area.Lynne lives in Bothell with her husband and 3 large dogs, who constantly remind her how to live with love and ever-new jo

  • Nayaswami Suryadas Holliman

    Suryadas and his wife Chandi have lived at Ananda’s spiritual community in Lynnwood for over twenty years. He was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to the northwest in the mid-eighties. After working in the electrical industry as a technician, manager and systems engineer for more than thirty years, he now does administrative work at Ananda Meditation Temple and Living Wisdom School Washington.

    Suryadas teaches ‘How to Meditate’ and other spiritual ‘Art of Living’ classes. His primary interests are meditation, simple living and the arts. In his spare time, he enjoys painting and reading history, science and literary fiction. He was deeply moved by the book Autobiography of a Yogi when he first read it in 1991, and has been a disciple of the great spiritual leader Paramhansa Yogananda ever since. Suryadas enjoys sharing the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and his direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda (the founder of Ananda) with those who are interested

  • Nayaswami Chandi Holliman

    Chandi Holliman is the Living Wisdom Preschool founder and has been a Pre-School teacher for 16 years. She holds holds the Education for Life teaching certification, Ananda Yoga and Meditation Teacher certification, and is also a Sharing Nature with Children Trainer. Her diverse background includes South Seattle Food & Hospitality Chef Certification. 

    Chandi has practiced meditation for over twenty years. She is a life member of the Ananda Sevaka order and is a co-leader of the Ananda Washington family ministry. She has a strong devotional temperament and enjoys communing with God in Washington’s beautiful natural environments. She teaches the Fullness  Meditation Series at East West Bookshop and she especially loves sharing meditation with families and children.

  • Heidi MacBeth

    Heidi MacBeth first started teaching yoga and now teaches meditation classes as well. She has a long history of practicing yoga and says she was ‘immediately hooked’. She says that being a teacher helps her dive deeper into the teachings of Yogananda and the yogic way of life, and that “… you always learn from the students!”

    Her advice to people interested in yoga and meditation is to definitely give it a try, because, when you make a genuine effort, the practices have the ability to bring your life into balance on all levels, such as helping to bring physical and emotional healing, reducing stress, and giving a more harmonious look on life and the world. “It can bring more happiness into your life!”

    Heidi was born and raised in Finland, and moved to America after meeting her husband, Garth. Heidi enjoys reading, and with Garth, taking long walks while soaking in the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest.

    When not teaching, you can find Heidi in the office at Ananda Temple, working with student registration for programs like Raja Yoga and Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training. She has also been a part of Ananda’s foreign rights book publishing work. She says she likes helping with the ‘behind the scenes’ tasks, and you can often find her designing our many flyers and mailings.

  • Buddy Wilson

    Buddy Wilson is a certified meditation teacher and Ananda Yoga teacher. He takes time from his busy and growing software technology firm, to teach meditation and yoga at the Bothell location.