• Tyagi Christy Johnston

    Tyagi Christy Johnston Christy Johnston is an Ananda teacher and minister. She and her husband, Rick (who co-manages East West Bookshop) came to Ananda Seattle in 2004 from the Ananda center in Santa Rosa. Christy is the director of the Healing Prayer Ministry and coordinates resident activities at the Ananda Community in Lynnwood. She is a graduate of both Yoga Teacher Training and Meditation Teacher Training from Ananda and teaches classes in metaphysical healing, affirmations and related subjects.

    Her past career focus and college degree has been in human development and some of her many interests and talents include working with pets, plants, inspiring others to rally around projects, and helping others be more organized.
    Christy suggests that those new to meditation and yoga approach their practice with greater feeling, extending that into a deeper awareness in all daily activities. She suggests that “we use these practices to foster lifestyle transformation and to learn to see past the little things of daily life into the vastness that is your true self. It’s about taking the time to notice your own joy, peace, and innate nature. Self-discipline reminds us that we can be our own best friend, giving ourselves good advice!”