• Robyn Mattis

    Robyn served in the Ananda Family Ministry for many years, teaching Sunday School for the younger children and running a program for teenage kids as well. She is a member of the Ananda Sadhaka Order and has practiced daily meditation for many years. Robyn is the co-leader of the Ananda Joyful Arts Council. 

  • Nayaswami Jamuna Snitkin

    Jamuna joined Ananda in the early 1970s. For many years she co-managed the first East West Bookshop in Menlo Park, California. Since 1996, she has offered personal counseling and taught classes at the Ananda in the Seattle area.

    Her warmth and openness characterize her “Say Yes to Life” attitude. Her teaching specialty is speaking about ways to bring spirit into work and personal relationships. She is an ordained Lightbearer of Ananda Church of Self-Realization.